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So Does Devo Celebrate Today, Tomorrow Or Yesterday?

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It's Eric Devendorf's birthday!  Well at least it is here.  I don't know if we missed it in New Zealand.  Or it hasn't happened yet and we just spoiled the surprise.  Sorry, folks.

It's been a week since he was dumped by the Waikito Pistons for reasons totally unrelated to his bar scuffle and arrest.  Totally.  Devo quickly signed on with the Exodus "Don't Call Us Wellington" Saints and it looks like he's already paying major dividends for them.

Other players to impress at the weekend were Harbour's Tall Black Corey Webster, who racked up 34 points in the win over Manawatu, and American Eric Devendorf, who posted 31 points and 10 rebounds in his first match for Wellington after making the switch from Waikato.

Good lord, you can't just call Corey Webster a tall black. Is that all Corey is to you people? What's wrong with you?  Oh...sorry.

Devo's 31 points helped the Exodus Saints beat the Christchurch Cougars to improve to 5-3 overall. That all sounds WAY too Jesus-y for something involving Eric Devendorf, but hey, when in Wellington...

"It has been an up-and-down week," Devendorf said, after helping the 5-3 Saints improve to fourth place.

"We've got a real strong roster and we can definitely contend for a championship.

"Lindsay's a terrific point guard and he piled on the assists. I was happy to knock down some shots and help him out."

In case you're wondering, Exodus is not the Testament book but the health & fitness club in the area. If you ever find yourself in New Zealand and need to hit the elliptical, make it an Exodus elliptical, won't you?