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Daily Links - Big Ten Expansion Chatter

Brent Axe: There is a Big 10 Expansion Party. Will Syracuse Be Invited? |
If I was Daryl Gross, I'd be on the phone with Marinatto asking quite a few questions, many of which would be along the lines of: Why should I stay with you if I'm invited? What are you doing to counter this?

The Big Ten, Expansion and UConn - The UConn Blog
There is also the chance that the Big Ten goes on a raid in our backyard but doesn't grab the Huskies. In that case, they'd probably make a move for Pitt, Rutgers and 'Cuse, which, hopefully, would leave UConn to be snatched up by the ACC. I know that sounds like anathema, but in a lot of ways, it would be my preference, especially if Cuse didn't go to the Big Ten and jumped to a new super-powered ACC instead.

Big 10 Gains control of Omnitrix |
The Big 10 has decided to escalate their time table for exploring expansion from the 12 to 18 month initial window to the June timeframe. Apparently the Big 10 has gained control of Ben Tennyson’s Omnitrix and selected XLR8 as the alien to get the job done.

Daily Orange - Carter’s off-field antics deserve typical Marrone action
Marrone has already shown in his brief tenure that he will suspend any player, regardless of his talent. That is the right approach. No player has been exempt from Marrone’s authority. Carter should be no exception.

A Few Draft Sleepers Who Could Jolt the N.F.L. - The Fifth Down Blog -
Although his stats aren’t good, Paulus did set a Syracuse record with a 67.7 percent completion rate. And 13 of his 14 interceptions came in the first five games, including 5 picks in one game. This indicates that Paulus is a quick learner.

Men's Referee Directors
A referee camp run by Jim Burr. Do not hire referees from this camp.

Inside Lacrosse Division I Bracketology: Second Look |
Despite being No. 1 in the polls, SU is No. 3 in this Lacrosse Bracketology.

Tim Desko's determination obvious since returning to Syracuse lacrosse lineup |
There has been something different about Syracuse lacrosse attackman Tim Desko since he returned to the lineup three games ago. It’s hard to a put a finger on it, but the best way to describe it is determination.

A look at spring game attendance - Big East Blog - ESPN
These figures pretty much sum up the difference between the Big East and some of the BCS big boys. Fan bases are still evolving and growing throughout much of the Big East, but they still have a long way to go to match the fervor at some of the nation's most football-mad programs. College Basketball - Best of the Decade: The one-year players
Carmelo Anthony delivered arguably the greatest freshman season in college basketball history. He undoubtedly was the best player on a national championship team.

Post IV-- Top Ten Louisville Rivals Investigation: #4 Poll - Card Chronicle
Like few other Louisville rivalries, Louisville has recently been dominating it. The best Syracuse Basketball team we've seen for years fell not once, but twice, to the Cardinals this past season.

I'm all for taking back the night, I am certainly against domestic and sexual violence and I applaud those who stand up to fight against it.  That said, I'm hoping we were able to come up with better solutions than just chanting "2-4-6-8 No more date rape!" (Story by Jenelle Tortorella)