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What's a Lacrosse Player Gotta Do to Get a Big Head Around Here?

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Syracuse lacrosse hosts the University at Albany Great Danes tomorrow at 4pm. UAlbany is coming to the Dome riding a two game winning streak, one of those wins against then ranked Bucknell. Unfortunately for them, those are also UAlbany's only two wins this season, getting mostly roughed up the previous six games. This should be another easy win for 'Cuse and hopefully will be an opportunity for freshmen like JoJo Marasco to get a little extra playing time, like he enjoyed during the Villanova route.

Looking at the Syracuse schedule, besides the NCAA Tournament, this will be the second to last home game for Syracuse this season. (Five of their last 6 are on the road. How does that happen?) So when are we going to see some Big Heads in the stands? After all he's done for the team already, doesn't Cody Jamieson deserve to look up to the fans after a goal and see his giant face bobbing back at him? Perhaps Big Head Jamieson would like to travel to the Meadowlands next Saturday for the Big City Classic and christen the seats in the new stadium.

It doesn't matter when or how, let's just make these big lacrosse heads happen already!