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Rest Easy Rob Konrad, Syracuse Got Its Addazio

Back in '08, former SU RB #44-bearer Rob Konrad wrote a letter to DOCTOR Gross stating that the one name Syracuse football needed to turn itself around was Addazio.  Of course, he meant Steve Addazio, the former SU assistant and current Florida OC (and heir-apparent).  It took a little longer than Rob might have wanted but Syracuse finally got its Addazio.  Not Steve, but his son Louie, who committed to play TE for us next season.

"I called in and gave my commitment to Coach Marrone and Coach Conley earlier today after coming home from the spring game yesterday," Addazio stated. "They were really excited and they told me when I was up there that it only took one guy to get the ball rolling in the class and they wanted me to be that guy. They were just really happy to have me be part of the family and were excited to get me on the field in 2012."

Some more great quotes from Addazio in that article so go check it out.  Especially the ones about how Addazio is now going to go back to Florida and start telling other top recruits all about the Orange.

Grabbing Addazio is a great way to start the recruiting campaign, especially because we snagged him over USF.  He was also expecting an offer from Rutgers.  Louie said he was 50-50 heading into last week but after visiting SU, the deal was sealed. 

The 6'3", 225 lb. TE from Gainesville, FL only had four catches for 60 yards as a junior but is used primarily more as a blocking tight end.  He had 18 pancake blocks and was named Honorable-Mention All-Area.