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Undefeated!: Syracuse Wins Spring Game 66-58

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I'm all in favor of just using this scoring system moving forward. Touchdowns and field goals are so 2005.

After hearing about how much better the defense looked than the offense all spring, it was the offense that made the biggest splash on Saturday during the spring game.  Both units had their moments, good and bad, but all-in-all most folks seemed to have positive things to say about the outcome.  Especially the quarterbacks, who both put up good numbers.

In fact, the numbers were eerily similar to the previous scrimmage.  Ryan Nassib was 10-of-19 for 141 yards and a TD.  However, The Legend of RGLCL may just have been born on this day as Charley Loeb put up an 18-of-23, 259 yards, 3 TD performance.  While neither quarterback sealed the deal on the starting job, Loeb's scrimmage success has put a serious dent in Team Ryan's defense.

"I think I did do some good things," said Loeb, who is trying to earn his way onto the first team when the post-spring depth chart comes out in May.

Loeb was reluctant to say much about his competition with Nassib, but he had lots of praise for Marrone’s new offense.

"Obviously it has the ability to put some points on the board," he said.

Of course, Loeb plays more against the 2nd-team defense than Nassib does and the coaches are certainly keeping that in context.  For QB coach Nate "I'm tired of writing out Nathaniel" Hackett, the evaluation process is just beginning:

"It’s time now to sit and evaluate," Hackett said. "You have to sit there and say, ‘What’s going to be the best for the team?’ And we’re going to try and make the best decision and roll with it, and that’s the process now."

Big plays were the name of the game for the SU offense.

The result was 537 yards and six touchdowns. Junior wideout Marcus Sales caught eight passes for 158 yards, one of them for 55 yards, and two touchdowns. Teammates Alec Lemon (40) and Van Chew (37) also grabbed deep strikes. Tailback Averin Collier broke off a 41-yard TD run.

Everyone spoke afterward about this new-look SU offense that's all about attacking defenses with big plays.  It's a far cry from last season, let alone the last five years, and a welcome change.  As Dave Rahme says, "Bye-bye, bubble screen."  That sounds good to me.

The only scare on the day came from Doug Hogue, who left the game limping and did not return.  Marrone said afterward that, had it been a real game, Hogue could have returned but he was kept out as a precaution. 

Couple other news and notes gathered from the day:

  • Marrone is your play-caller but there might be times where he turns that job over to QB coach Nathaniel Hackett. Marrone said, " feel confident whether it’s myself or Nathaniel calling the plays."
  • When asked which players stood out to him, Marrone mentioned Marcus Sales, TE David Stevens, Averin Collier, Derrell Smith and Chandler Jones.
  • Torrey Ball was indeed suspended from the game due to some kind of involvement with SnowballGate.
  • Transfer Michael Hay is making big strides in an attempt to snag a starting spot.
  • Lichtenstein???  SU's one-man kicking nation had a rough day, going 1-2 on FGs, missing a 37-yarder as well as missing and extra point (that may have been tipped). 

Check out the photo gallery from the day, some game footage and recaps below...

Syracuse football - Spring Game

SU spring game

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