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Carter, Gillum & Ball Suspended, Will Miss Spring Game

The first of many hammers dropped today on Delone Carter and Ryan Gillum.  This one fell on Torrey Ball as well as the trio were suspended from the remainder of spring practice, which includes the spring game.

A brief statement from the SU athletics department said the three were suspended for the remainder of spring practice for a violation of team rules.

We know what Carter and Gillum did but as to what Torrey Ball idea yet. No one has brought his name up in conjunction with SnowballGate so it might be completely unrelated.

Carter also apparently won't be able to attend the team banquet tonight.  Sounds like he's persona non grata for the time being.

Regardless, it's the smart move for Delone and Ryan.  If I were them I'd want to stay away from cameras, microphones and people asking questions until things get solved (or don't get solved).