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Because Jim Cramer Is Good At Recognizing Problems

Jim Cramer was on the CNBC program "Street Signs" Tuesday to discuss the SU student protest over commencement speaker Jamie Dimon.  Shockingly, he takes Dimon's side.  He does so by randomly ripping the SU basketball team.

"If you want to protest something, protest the way they played in the NCAA. That was outrageous. That was outrageous. Jamie Dimon should take it right to them, and the Big East. ... He should come right out and talk about how bad the Big East was, and Syracuse was emblematic of the problem."

We should listen to Jim about the impending commencement event.  Based on his track record, he's one of the best at recognizing and identifying problems before they happen.

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To be fair and balanced, Cramer did say, speaking about SU, "They were really good in the lacrosse tournament though."  So there's that.