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Pre-Tremendous: The Syracuse Spring Game

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I don't have many big expectations from the Spring Game on Saturday.  Honestly, there's just one thing I ask for.

A Doug Marrone Big Head. Why aren't you working on this right now?  If there aren't Big Heads in the crowd, we have failed as a Cuse Nation. (Triple word score to anyone with the balls to make a William Hotaling Big Head)

That said, with all the hoopla, pomp, circumstance, frivolity and gaiety that will take place in the Dome this weekend, it's all about the game itself.  Well, it's less a game and more an over-complicated exercise in arbitrary score-keeping:

The Spring game will feature the Syracuse offense against the Syracuse defense. The winner will be determined based on a scoring system that awards points to the offense for traditional scoring touchdowns (6 points), field goals (3), and one and two point conversions, in addition to first downs (1). The defense will score points for forcing a punt (1 point), recording a sack (2) or a tackle for loss (1), breaking up a pass (1), a missed field goal (3), a fourth down stop (2), stopping a 2-point conversion (2), forcing a three-and-out (3), creating a takeaway (3) and scoring a touchdown (6).

Regardless, SU players are chomping at the proverbial bit to get on the field in front of the fans.  DT Andrew Lewis put out the call to SU fans via Twitter.  Veteran defensive back, a.k.a. Mr. Consistent, Mike Holmes, will bring his leadership to the field.  Even unheralded players like sophomore FB Adam Harris, who is currently atop the depth chart at the spot, are dying for the opportunity to prove what they are capable of:

"In my mind, this is how I always hoped and prayed it would play out," Harris said. "A lot of people called me crazy, but this is what I want to do.

"It's been a good two years since I played a game, but I love the game of football more than probably anything. I really felt this was the right thing for me."

Love the quotes out of Harris in that article, especially "It's amazing to say I'm a running back at Syracuse. It's a pretty cool feeling."  I bet.

Speaking of running backs at Syracuse, no official word on whether or not Delone Carter will suit up.  My guess...he won't.  Don't think anyone wants him in front of a microphone or crowd at the moment.  But we shall see.