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Anatomy Of A Six-Second Goal

Jeremy Thompson walks CitrusTV's Scott Grodsky through the process of how he goes from face-off to scoring in a matter of six seconds.  For laymen, this is probably just semi-interesting.  For lacrosse junkies, this is manna.

The 9-1 Orange have finished the toughest part of their schedule and now get to feast on the underbelly of the Big East Conference.  This Sunday they head to Rutgers (5-5), follow that up by hosting Providence (0-9), heads to Notre Dame (5-5) and then finish the regular season at St. John's (5-5).  By all accounts SU should have an easy road to one of the top two seeds in the NCAA Tournament.

That said, they're probably going to have to travel at least some of that road without freshman JoJo Marasco.  Marasco injured his leg against Cornell and left the game early.  There hasn't been much official word since but he was seen on campus today on crutches with his foot in a cast.  Not a great sign.  Marasco is sixth on the team with 17 points (9G, 8A).

Coach Desko says the team will know the extent of the injury tonight but all signs point to JoJo at least missing the Rutgers game.