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Enough About Syracuse Players, Lets Talk About Assistant Coaches

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We need some time to get away from SnowballGate, so let's take a moment to check in with the coaches and see how they're doing.

We've heard a lot about the wide receivers this spring and a big part of their success will be Rob Moore's ability to figure out the best way for each of them to fit in the system.  For Moore, the former Syracuse receiving star, it's a "dream job."

"When you look at 1987," Moore said, "there really was a series of years before that helped build that momentum and get that team to a point where it could really compete against teams like Penn State."

And that’s where Moore wants to take the receivers he now coaches. Back to the days of explosiveness. Back to the days of pride. Back to the pinnacle days of Syracuse football.

Meanwhile, when Syracuse hired RB coach Tyrone Wheatley, some folks immediately wanted an autograph from the former NFL player.  SU QB coach Nathaniel Hackett already had one from when they worked together in Tampa Bay.

Despite growing up in NFL locker rooms as a coach’s son and being in the midst of famous personalities on a daily basis, Hackett was admittedly starstruck when Wheatley was introduced as a temporary member of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ coaching staff in 2006.

"When that happened, I’m like, ‘Excuse me?’" said Hackett, Syracuse’s current quarterbacks coach, who was then serving as the Bucs’ quality control coordinator. "I’m thinking to myself, ‘I’ve gotta get this guy’s autograph! Guys, that’s Tyrone Wheatley!’"

In fact, it was Hackett who called Wheatley to let him know the position was open when Roger Harriott left.  Hackett's position with SU is part of what made Ty want to take the job.

"When you go to a place that is foreign and you don’t really know anybody, it’s always good to have somebody in the system who you know and trust," Wheatley said. "And I trust (Hackett’s) judgment. Bob Casullo is here as well, and he coached me with the Oakland Raiders, but (Hackett) really sealed the deal."

Not too bad, having a QB coach and RB coach so in sync.  Hopefully it rubs off on the players.