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Delone Carter Snowballed Into Something That Caught Fire (Updated)

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A snowball fight? This is what it's come to?  Fine, Post-Standard, explain things....

Syracuse University football player Delone Carter was charged with misdemeanor assault Wednesday night after Syracuse police accused him of hitting and injuring another student in an on-campus disturbance that followed the Villanova basketball game in February, Syracuse police said.

Long story short, After the Villanova game, Carter and Gillum were driving by Kimmell, some idiot threw a snowball at their car, they pulled over, got out of the car, Delone punched a guy but that guy wasn't actually the guy who threw the snowball (he remains at-large). 

The rest of the article details a lot of lawyer stuff from Carter and Gillum's lawyers.  They claim the players were treated unfairly and taken away unnecessarily in handcuffs in front of their teammates yesterday. Players apparently both got the Detective Goren treatment for hours.

Punching a dude over a snowball fight hardly sounds like a job for the Major Case Squad but then you remember what Delone Carter's arms look like.  Being on the receiving end of that must be like getting run over by a truck, especially when you're not expecting it cause you weren't the one who did it.

So...I guess now we wait.  Players have been suspended by Doug Marrone for less.  And Doug runs the ship the way Roger Goodell's less about whether or not you did it and more about the fact that you put yourself in this position in the first place.  Expect to eventually hear that Delone, and maybe even Ryan, will be sitting out a couple games.  At least.

Need a silver lining in all of this?  Chances are we're due for some Fulmer Cup points.  So there's that...

Update: CNYCentral has comments made by the accuser via his Facebook page that described the outcome of the alleged Carter-izing.

"I was actually half blind! But long story short, got attacked on the street late Friday night...ended up with 5 broken bones in the face, a concussion, swollen right eye, and a fair share of cuts and bruises. Good times." wrote Hotaling.