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Syracuse Police Interested In Chatting With Delone Carter & Ryan Gillum


"At approximately 2:20 today, detectives came into my office and asked to question Delone Carter and Ryan Gillum, so, that's all I know about it..."

That's Doug Marrone today after practice.  A practice in which Syracuse's top running back and starting LB were not present.  No word yet on what, exactly, they've gotten themselves into, but this cannot possibly be good.  Updates as they happen. WAER is all over this so far so keep an eye on them 

Get those Facepalm images ready.

Update: The Syracuse Twitterati Legal Team chimes in to remind us that it might not actually be that bad"Ok relax folks. Detectives could question them because they witnessed something, not because they are suspects. Relax until more is known."

Update:  Nolan Weidner checks in with his recap from the day's practice.  No mention of Delone or Ryan.

Update:  Nolan checks in with his story.  Not too much to add other than there's no confirmation as to exactly what they did, saw or didn't do.

Syracuse Police spokesman Sgt. Gary Bulinski confirmed later this evening that police were speaking with two SU students in relation to an investigation. He did not identify either player, nor did he say whether they were being questioned as witnesses or suspects.

Update: The Daily Orange added some details to the story.

Syracuse police are in the process of questioning two SU students in relation to an assault that happened roughly a month ago, said Sgt. Gary Bulinski of the Syracuse Police Department. Bulinski said he could not confirm the names of the students SPD has talked to, as it may be interviewing more people and does not want to hamper the investigation.

Police have not yet determined whether Carter and Gillum are suspects or witnesses, Bulinski said.