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The Scoop And Insert Name Here Show

shut it down
shut it down

It's the biggest question in all of Syracuse entertainment.  Now that Wes Johnson has shocked the industry and announced that he will be leaving The Scoop & Wes Show after two seasons, where does the critically-acclaimed program go from here?

Fans took to the message boards following the announcement, wondering if some, or any, of the outstanding questions.

  • Is Wes the Smoke Monster?  Is that why we never saw them in the same place at the same time?
  • We know Wes and Scoop are working for the shadowy government agency Omega Division, but is Donna?  If not, who does she work for?
  • Who's head was in the box?  Josh Wright's?
  • What about the numbers (4, 8,17, 19, 20, 22, 30, 31, 44)?  Do they mean anything at all?
  • So the entire time, Wes & Scoop were actually living in a compound in rural Pennsylvania under the assumption it was the 18th century, cut off from the rest of the modern world?  Isn't that overly-complicated and unrealistic?
  • There never really was a Wes, was there?  Was he  just a figment of Scoop's imagination?
  • Who shot J.B.?

Unless the writers decide to have Scoop wake up in bed next to Coach Hopkins, revealing the entire show to be a dream, they'll probably keep going.  But who will replace Wes?  And how can that person ever fill the shoes?  It's like Starsky without Hutch.  Cagney without Lacey.  Cop Rock without the Rock.

Still, someone's gotta try.  Let's take a look at the most likely suspects.

Kris Joseph - If you're going for star power, this is your play.  He'll and Scoop will be quite the 1-2 punch on the court so it makes perfect sense to make them a 1-2 punch on the screen as well.  Scoop has even hinted as much via Twitter.  "scoop and kris show ooo yea thats hot-- ooo yea that's cool!"

Rick Jackson - a reunion between the Philadelphia high school teammates.  The show could take on a Philly feel...grittier, darker and full of ethnic slurs.

Mookie Jones - The Wild Card.  Mookie made a cameo last season and showed some real promise.  But that's the he better as a supporting player or can he carry a show?  Concerns over prima donna behavior have to be considered as well.  Will he start asking for $1 million/episode if the show takes off?

Brandon Triche - The downside would be that 15 minutes of every episode would be dedicated to Brandon taking Facebook photos of his abs.  Could get stale.

Rob Murphy - If Wes is leaving, why not take the opportunity to reinvent the show.  Injecting Coach Murph into the mix adds some gravitas to the preceding.  Plus, each episode can feature some time in Murph's Lab where he reveals his latest remix of Shut It Down.

Bob Casullo - If we're reinventing, let's do it full blast.  Talk about a wacky partnership.  Loose cannon Scoop Jardine and straight-shooter Bob Casullo, together, fighting crime on the mean streets of Detroit.  TELL ME you're not interested in seeing that.