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Buzzer Beater: Syracuse 8, Cornell 7

Seriously Cornell, if you want to take a couple years off from playing us, we totally understand.  Try as you might, as well as your play, no matter what you do for the first three and a half quarters...sooner or later...we will beat you.

Tuesday night, the Big Red pulled one out of the Hobart playbook.  Cornell controlled the tempo of the entire game thanks to freshman goalie AJ Fiore's 20-save performance.  Unfortunately for both teams, SU eventually overcame the career-making nights both goalies had in the final moments.

In fact, Syracuse waited until the very final moment to win this one (via's Scott Grodsky)

Chris Daniello's goal was the capper on a series of fantastic plays courtesy of Joel White, Kevin Drew, Cody Jamieson and finally Daniello.  After Cody's shot was blocked, Daniello's instincts kicked in and the rest is Syracuse lacrosse history...

"I thought Cody was going to end it there," he said. "He had a good step (on his defender), and I kind of saw the goalie make the save and thought I better get in there and get after it and see if I can make something happen."

He gained control with maybe 2 seconds left.

"I just picked it up and turned as fast as I could," he said, "just looked at the goal and let it go."

Coach Desko and the players comment on the well-played game and its crazy finish.

SU Coach Desko and Players Cornell Post-game Press Conference
Dave Rahme recaps the game from the supply closet.

SU tops Cornell