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Eric Devendorf Is A Saint. No, Seriously...

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Just because the Waikato Pistons' couldn't deal with a little Devo-lution doesn't mean the rest of New Zealand's basketball league isn't interested in him and his 24 PPG.  Beating out two other interested teams, the Wellington Saints have signed Eric for at least the remainder of the season.  The team wanted him so badly they even cut another imported player just to make room.

"While I'm disappointed we had to release Daryl Hudson who is a great player and a great guy, I feel that a talent such as Devendorf, who can also play minutes at the point guard spot, is something we couldn't pass up," said Cameron.

Devendorf will splay his first game for the Saints on Friday when the Christchurch Cougars come a-callin'.  The Saints are currently 4-3 and hoping that Devo can help him catch the league-leading Pistons (6-1).  Consider Devo motivated...

Random tidbit...former Providence Friar Erron Maxey is also a member of the Saints.

So...about that whole incident that happened to get Devo cut in the first place (sorry, still not buying the whole "had nothing to do with it" tripe).

"He was being very obnoxious and rowdy and just a plain public nuisance, so they arrested him."

Yep, that sounds about right.

According to a witness, police officers arrested Devendorf, who turns 23 on April 21, after he tried to resist arrest about 100m from the nightclub about 2.15am.

"He was loud and talking rubbish and started swearing and the police arrived on the scene," the witness told SportToday, adding the tavern staff had asked the player to leave.

The former Syracuse University player, where the Hawks' latest signing Josh Pace also played, spent time in Napier police station but avoided any charges.

The best part of the story is the fact that when the Pistons' brass found out Devo was in jail, they didn't go bail him out right away because they themselves were all too drunk to drive.  How come you never hear about Rick Adelman or Donald Sterling being too sloshed to bail their players out of jail?  That sounds way more fun.