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Syracuse Spring Ball Upgraded From Feisty To Chippy


When you're Ryan Nassib, you must remain ever vigilant, even during interviews.  You never know when Charley Loeb will strike.  You never know...

Syracuse's spring practice is in its final week and the team has slowly but surely put things together.  They've also been getting really fight-y.

The late-practice fight involved defensive back Dorian Graham and receiver Aaron Weaver, who mixed it up, mostly by wrestling, at the end of a sweep play that produced some extended blocking. Marrone did step in and scold Graham after the junior safety swung and made full contact with his fist on Weaver’s helmet.

"You’re gonna break your hand," said Marrone, who is extremely injury-conscious because of his squad’s limited numbers this year.

"I’m very happy about the competition, the way they’re going after each other out there," he said, referring more to the attitude than the fighting. "Now, it’s just a matter of getting a good push and making sure we end this thing the right way."

Marrone specifically called on his wide receiving corp as a unit that stepped up.  He singled out Sir Alec Lemon, Van Chew, Aaron Weaver and Marcus Sales so you can expect to see those four as your main targets this season.  As for who'll be throwing to them...odds might be on Ryan Nassib for now but the veteran is trying not to see things as a competition between him and Charley Loeb (which it totally is).

Syracuse Quarterback Ryan Nassib

"We always talk and conversate."  For a few?  Then you gun' do, whatchu came to do?  Ain't that right, boo?  TRUE.