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Monsters Among Us

As Donte Greene knows all too well, try as we might to be the pristine, good-natured, feel-good fanbase that we know we can be, there's always going to be ogres in our midst that lack a certain perspective on the world.

I'd say 90% of Syracuse fans not only think Wes Johnson is making the right decision to go pro but also wishes him well in doing so.  We understand the climate of college basketball and the near-guaranteed financial and lifestyle upgrade that comes with going pro. 

8% of SU fans really think Wes should have stayed one more year to become the best overall player and win a title for SU before going pro but also get why he didn't.  It's understandable that these folks would feel like this but it's the mindset of a college basketball fan stuck in 1994.  That world doesn't exist anymore.

The other 2% is a mixture of folks who still live under the delusion that college basketball players "owe" the fans and the school something and those who, well...I don't really know what the other ones are thinking.  Many of these people have Facebook accounts and voiced their displeasure over Wes' decision.  Let's delve, shall we?

Jamie Sardo says "should've finshied what you started"

So by that logic, shouldn't Wes have stayed at Iowa State and never come to Syracuse?

Daria Eskandar Mehra says "It's always about the money"

So selfish, that Wes Johnson!  Someone waves a measly TEN MILLION DOLLARS in his face and he comes running.  Lame.  And gay. 

Mario Martinez says "Gay, totally gay just like Johnny Flynn all this hype but cant produce like melo, good luck in the D-league, Dont forget your pad for the bench it gets hard through out the season"

What did I just say about the whole gay thing...see?

Dillon Card says "just because you didn't stay i hope you don't get drafted."

Right!  You tell'm, Steve-Dave!

Jackson Capenos says "You never won the championship....I'd want to get that championship under my belt because who knows you could probably go to a horrible team and never go to the NBA championship."

Because as we all know, you can trade NCAA Championships for goods and services.  One NCAA Championship = $10,000,000.  It's true.
Jared Friedel says "Good luck in Semi- pro! You need one more good year at cuse to a good draft pick!"

Jared, I would agree with you if not for the fact that every single person in the world associated with the NBA and the draft disagrees with you.

P.j. Anders says "Wow I hate u Wes"

If you've lost P.j. Anders, you've lost middle America.

Ryan Behnen says "John wall is way better"

Good reason to stay in school.  If even just one guy out there is better then you, you'll never make it.  Time and time again this is proven.

Brandon Hoban says "thats gay"


Chuck Burnett says "its people like him flynn and melo that make me wanna say they weren't a member of the cuse...yea all 3 were very good players with them but they have a total of 3 years at cuse. That's why its so difficult for them to have a steady team each year cuz of players like this....sorry johnson you did good last season but overall...thanks for nothing"

Thanks for nothing, you three!  All we have to show for your time here is two Sweet Sixteens and a National Title.  HORRIBLE. It would be so much better to be a Kentucky fan or Memphis fan or USC fan or North Carolina fan where players stay for all four...oh....right...

Greg Hillman says "Deush bag. Ur gonna b terrible"

Greg, I'm pretty sure you spelled that wrong.  It's "You're."

Joel Deitch says "This is all just ridiculous. My annual donations, your tutuion/school payments help to make a place where he practiced and fine tuned his BB game. And how many colleges wanted this transfer student? Was his game skills highlighted in Iowa or Syracuse? For shame on you "player". Please make sure in the futue to tell people you merely ATTENDED Syracuse as you have "no class"! ( double meaning intended )"

Absolutely agree.  When I was attending Syracuse and paying tuition, the only reason I did it was because I thought the guys on our basketball team would use that money to practice.  If I had known he'd leave early, I would have dropped out just to show him who's boss!

Mark Kinner says "punk ass n******"

Aaaaand we've found the Worst Syracuse Fan In The World.  Great job.