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As The Hammer Drops On USC, We Wait...

Outside The Lines did a pretty damning piece today on the state of USC athleticsNone of this is news, of course, but any day now the NCAA will finally let USC and the rest of the world know how they feel about the improper benefits Reggie Bush and O.J. Mayo received while at Southern Cal.

With the impending NCAA hammer about to fall on the basketball program, and possibly the football one too, AD Mike Garrett has the crosshairs firmly fixed on him.  Combined with the upcoming retirement of USC President Steven Sample and the incoming arrival of new president Max Nikias who's got a reputation as a house-cleaner, many signs are pointing to Garrett heading out sooner than later.

If that's the case, folks will start making candidate lists to replace Garrett and whether he really wants the job or not, DOCTOR Gross will be at the top of that list.   Here's what Adam Rose of the Huffington Post had to say at the end of the OTL discussion on the USC situation.

"...Daryl Gross is probably the guy most popular with the boosters and with the alumni and he's the one...who hired Pete Carroll, essentially...he had a great run at USC before, he was there for fourteen years, picked up a couple graduate degrees and he's currently the athletic director for Syracuse so he has a rock-solid resume and he's probably the front-runner for that job."

And so the waiting game continues for all parties involved...

H/T: Adam S.