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Big City Classic: A Photographic Retrospective

Taking a look at some of the visual evidence that the Big City Classic did indeed happen this weekend and Syracuse fans were in fact present and accounted for.  And drinking.

The Syracuse Twitterati was out in full force.  @BH_Orange44, @JBren, @Knick620, pantsless @HoyaSuxa and others.  Looking at this photo makes me wonder just how many parole violations were committed this weekend.


Nice weather, a lacrosse game and a parking lot.  Tailgating is a requirement. Looks tame, but perhaps it was early.


"The smoke monster's coming for Galloway and Thompson!" - MrPlow99 (Seriously, WTF?)


Invariably when lacrosse and alcohol are involved, parking lot face-offs will happen.


Contrary to popular belief, The Glaude is in fact allowed within 200 feet of women.


The quiet before the storm.


When ESPN eventually buys Syracuse University, this is what will happen to Otto (H/T: Brian R)


Some more fantastic shots of the game itself over here if you haven't seen them yet.  If you have any other photos worth sharing, send along and we'll add to the mix.