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Hey Ryan, Charley...Keep Doing That

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Ryan Nassib: 14 of 28, 151 yards, TD, INT

Charley Loeb: 19 of 28, 215 yards, 3 TDs

By all means, fellas, we will take those stat lines any day of the week.  Keep doing that.

Those were the quarterbacks' numbers from a scrimmage held on Saturday, complete with referees, penalties and full-on hitting.  The two QBs carved up the defense, which has been the better unit so far this spring, to the point where Coach Shafer could not contain his displeasure.

On Loeb’s first TD drive, defensive coordinator Scott Shafer could be heard across the field yelling at the defense.

"You’re getting your (butts) kicked," he shouted at one point. After Weaver’s first TD catch (the 7-yarder), Shafer again could be heard yelling at the second-team defense.

The defense did make one nice play on the interception.  A tipped pass at the 5-yard line led to a 95-yard touchdown return for LB and Bone-master Derrell Smith.  Color Doug Marrone impressed.

"Did you see Derrell run? He was gone," Marrone said, marveling at the lineback’s speed. "That’s a big, big play."

The fight to be one of the starting wide receivers has been a back-and-forth effort all spring for each of the players.  Aaron Weaver took a big step forward with his 7 catch, 88 yard, 2 TD performance in the scrimmage.  The senior transfer not only showed great scoring ability but also proved himself a solid possession receiver who could take a hit and hold on to the ball.

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