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Such Is Devo...


The way Eric Devendorf had been playing in New Zealand, you'd have thought he'd be on the next flight out of town in order to play for a more high-profile league.  Well he can book that flight anytime he wants because the Pistons have unceremoniously cut him.  As usual, it's his own damn fault.

"He was at the bar with the other players and the Bay Hawks' Josh Pace, who was a team-mate of his at Syracuse," Davey said.

"He may have commented on an approach to Pace that he may have felt was threatening and got involved, though knowing his history he should have walked away," Davey said.

"But he did his best to protect Pace and the police got involved in the incident that finished with him cooling his heels for a few hours." Davey said no charges were laid and the incident "leant no weight to our decision to cancel his contract".

Right.  Because when you're 6-1 and in first place, the obvious move is to dump the two-time league player of the week who is scoring 24.4 points per game in order to make room for someone else.  Lying does not become you, Waikato Pistons.

The Pistons claim they were in the process of finding a new home for Devo before the incident, which if true, probably has more to do with other off-the-court behavior stuff than anything Devo was doing on the court.  Now, I don't know if any teams in the league will want to take a chance on him. 

It sounds like what Devo did was pretty harmless.  Then again, who knows.  When you're Eric Devendorf and your reputation precedes you to the other side of the world, even shouting matches are cause for alarm.

No matter where he ends up, you might as well just start referring to him as "Troubled basketball player" Eric Devendorf  Seems like he's just destined to have that full name.