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We Have the Technology, We Have to Vote Wes Johnson as Player of the Year

The power is in your hands to make Wes Johnson the Naismith Player of the Year. How does it feel having all that pressure on your shoulders? Well, relax a little because you're only responsible for 25% of vote. STILL!

Wes Johnson, Sherron Collins, Evan Turner and John Wall have all made the final ballot of the Naismith Men's College Basketball Player of the Year Award. The fun part is fans are allowed to text their vote for player of the year. Amazingly, these votes count towards 25% of the final results. Suddenly I feel like I've been watching American Idol all season instead of college basketball.

Anyway, voting is simple. Just text the word VOTE to 345345 (standard messaging rates apply). You'll receive a few messages back with instructions, including how exactly to vote for Wes Johnson. (because that is who you're going to vote for, right? I wouldn't have shared these instructions with you if I'd known you were thinking of voting for someone else.) You'll also get instructions to vote for the women's player of the year, but there is no Syracuse player involved, so you're free to vote as you wish.

Fans are permitted one vote in a 24-hour period and voting ends at 11:59 p.m. EDT on Saturday, April 3, 2010. So ::looks at watch:: we only have 48 hours to stuff the ballot boxes! Our phones get one vote a day. But so do all of your friends' phones. And so do all of their friends' phones. And so on.

So get the word out, limber up the fingers, and lets text our votes to make Wes Johnson the Player of the Year!