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Greg Paulus > Tim Tebow & Jimmy Clausen Combined

Greg Paulus appeared on The Dan Patrick Show today.  Topics were discussed.  Among them...Greg's inate ability to do whatever was necessary to defeat Tim Tebow, Sam Bradford and Jimmy Clausen in a no-holds-barred, loser-leave-town, Texas-rules-barbed-wire cage match.

Patrick: Could you beat up Jimmy Clausen?

Paulus: [Laughs] Is this a fight? Is this a backyard fight?

Patrick: Yeah, if it was a fight to start.

Paulus: I would cheat and find a way to win.

What would Greg's finishing move be called?  I suspect it would involve a flop, playing dead and then cradling his opponent into a small package amidst their confusion.

And if that wasn't good enough, Greg then stuck to his guns and made the ultimate gutsy call.

Patrick: Who will be a better pro quarterback, you or Tim Tebow?

Paulus: [Laughs] I've got to take myself. I believe in myself and you could throw me ... I think I'd take myself against a lot of guys.

Patrick: Would you take yourself over Jimmy Clausen?

Paulus: [Laughs] I like myself.

Since none of these guys will still be in the NFL in four years, I am DEMANDING a Triple Threat Hell In A Cell Match in 2015.  Only then will we truly know which of them was the best college quarterback.