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Officially Speaking, Boeheim & Wes Johnson Are The Best In The Big East

There's been a lot of website and news outlet All-Big East awards trickling in the last couple days and SU has been all over them.  It's nice to see and appreciated.  But let's be honest, they don't really...count.  Right?  No one is really waiting to hear what FoxSports All-Big East picks are (though they were very lovely).  At the end of the day, it's about what the Coaches and Big East media say.  And as for the coaches, they love Syracuse this year.

Not surprisingly, they've named Jim Boeheim the Big East Coach of the Year.  Excuse me, the Oppenheimer Funds BIG EAST Coach of the Year.  Free Oppenheimer funds for everyone, right?

In a much more surprising twist, Wes Johnson has been named Big East Player of the Year.  I don't think most SU fans saw this coming, especially since we've spent most of the last week talking about how, quite frankly, Andy Rautins is probably the real MVP of the team.  All due respect to Wes, who did put together a fantastic and memorable year.  He deserves to be honored among the best...but even I have to wonder where this came from. I guess it must have come down to the fact that Syracuse beat Villanova head-to-head, that's the only way I think you can justify it.  Expect to hear from some Scottie Reynolds' supporters on this one.

All that aside, congrats to Wes & Coach Boeheim.  Shutting It Down refers to awards as well as basketball games.

Update: Debate Wes Johnson's statistics all day. There's no debating whether or not he's Most Awesome Wes Ever.

I wanna thank my teammates without them this wouldn't have been possible.!! I'm not the MVP WE ARE!!! Love yall man !! Indy here We Come!

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