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New York City, Get Ready For Syracuse vs. Baylor!

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We've been calling it The Yankee Bowl for so long I just assumed they'd stick with it.  But alas, the bowl game to be played in Yankee Stadium starting this December will be forever known as The Pinstripe Bowl or at least until Bloomberg buys the naming rights).

ESPN agreed to a six-year contract, the Yankees said Tuesday, and New Era Cap Co. Inc. agreed to a four-year deal to be the title sponsor. Future games will be played no earlier than Christmas and no later than New Year’s Day.

This will be the first bowl game at Yankee Stadium since Nebraska defeated Miami 36-34 at old Yankee Stadium on Dec. 15, 1962.

According to the report, the game will feature the Big East's No. 3 vs. The Big 12's No. 6, which is a little better of a match-up then we had previously heard.  Had the game been in existence this past year, it would have theoretically featured Pittsburgh vs. Missouri. 

One would assume the bowl is hoping for Rutgers, Syracuse or UConn to be a regular participant in order to draw on the local fan and alumni bases.  Though as much as it makes sense for SU from a strategic standpoint, I'd still prefer The Beef.

Now that the tough part is done, Yankee Stadium has one tiny thing to work in the hell they're going to fit a football field in there.