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SU Closes In On The Rare 30-Win Plateau

Between 1900 and 1970, a Syracuse basketball team won 20+ games only twice ('46 and '66).  Between 1971 and 2010, it's happened 37 times.  In that span the Orange have also hit the 30-win mark three times.  Not surprisingly, two of those times involved runs to the Finals (31 wins in '87 and 30 wins in '03).  Only the '89 30-win season fell short, but the Orange still made it to the BET Finals and Elite 8 that year.

This year's Orange squad finishing the regular season with 28 wins.  That's the same number of wins last year's team had...including the BET and NCAA Tournaments.  So with both of those tournaments ahead, the 2009-2010 Syracuse basketball team has the opportunity for the most single-season wins in school history.

Of course, if they accomplish it, it will be an afterthought.  No one really cares about reaching this goal if a Final Four or Championship isn't attached to it.  Still, it's a nice feather in the cap.

SU has three potential games in the Big East Tournament and six potential games in the NCAA Tournament.  Win out on all of them and SU ends up with a gaudy 37-3 final record.  Even if, God forbid, the Orange lose early in the BET, they'll still eclipse the win record by advancing to at least the Final Four.  No small task but one we're expecting from this squad.

Without getting too much into predictions and expectations, I think this SU squad is more than capable and in primed position to beat the record.  If they play up to potential, they can actually tie it by the end of the BET.  Take nothing for granted but expect to see records fall this post-season.

Some random regular season thoughts and stats:

  • Syracuse finished the regular season No. 1 in the nation in FG percentage (51.5%)
  • Syracuse finished the season No. 2 in the nation in Assists Per Game (19.4), trailing only Sam Houston State.
  • Syracuse finished T-5th in the nation in Steals Per Game (10.0). Mizzou led the nation with 11/game.
  • Syracuse finished 7th in the nation in Blocks Per Game (6.6).  Rutgers finished sixth!
  • Syracuse finished 3rd in the Big East in PPG (81.4), 4th in the 3-Pt Percentage (37.9%), 6th in Rebounds Per Game (38.5), 1st in Assists, 1st in Steals and 3rd in Blocks.  Syracuse also tied with UConn for most turnovers per game (15.0).
  • Most Points Scored In A Game: 101 against Maine
  • Least Points Scored In A Game: 59 against DePaul (2nd and 3rd worst outings both against Louisville)
  • Fewest Field Goals Made In A Game: 20 against Georgetown (and we still won)
  • Most Points In One Game, Player: Andy Rautins & Rick Jackson - the same game (Providence)
  • Most Rebounds In One Game, Player: Wes Johnson - 19 against Seton Hall
  • Most Fouls In Season: Arinze Onuaku had 83.  No. 2 was Andy Rautins with 67.
  • Wes Johnson score 20+ points in a game five times this season and not since January.
  • Andy Rautins scored 20+ points six times this season
  • Despite being the sixth-man, Kris Joseph logged more minutes (836) than everyone except Wes Johnson (1.071) and Andy Rautins (997).
  • The Starting Line-up was Wes, AO, RickJack, Andy & Triche every game except one.  Kris Joseph started the Oakland game in place of AO.

H/T: and OrangeHoops