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Paulus, Dantley & Owen Leap Like They've Never Lept Before

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If Greg Paulus is being compared to all of the other quarterbacks vying for a spot in the NFL this year on workout stats alone, he acquitted himself fairly well.

Here's Paulus' numbers from the Syracuse pro day and how he stacked up against the best QBs at the NFL Combine:

  • 4.89-second 40-yard dash (Just outside Top Ten, which ends with a 4.87)
  • 28 1/2 -inch vertical leap (far short of the Top Ten, which ends with a 32.0)
  • 8-foot-7 broad jump (just outside the Top Ten, which ends with a 9-foot-zero)
  • 4.23-second shuttle run (third overall)
  • 7.14-second cone drill (fringe Top Ten)

12 NFL scouts were on hand at SU yesterday to see Paulus, fellow QB Cam Dantley and TE Mike Owen show off their wares in the attempt to get invited to an NFL camp.  If Paulus is a longshot, then Dantley and Owen have to be considered Hail Marys.

So how'd it go, fellas?

"It went pretty good. I was kind of nervous. For the most part, I did pretty well," said Dantley, who did not throw a pass for SU in 2009. "There’s a lot of things that go into each drill. You have to be precise. All in all, I think it’s a pretty good experience."

"I think today, some of the hard work showed off," [Paulus] said. "You work hard to be in this opportunity. Hopefully, we can get some positive feedback (from the scouts), keep building, keep getting better. When that (next) opportunity comes, hopefully we can take advantage of it."

And so, the waiting begins for all of them.  Not for draft day but the days that follow when teams fill out their spring camp rosters with college hopefuls looking for a shot.  Fingers-crossed they get the opportunity.