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The Passionate Passion Of Greg Paulus

Greg Paulus is going to put on an NFL uniform in 2010.  This is my bold (yet refreshing) prediction.  He certainly won't be drafted.  And he'll never play a down.  But thanks to his reputation, his pedigree and the undying devotion of one Doug Marrone, one team will bring him in to their spring camp and/or sign him to their practice squad.  It's either going to be the Green Bay Packers (who seem to be at the forefront of The Greg Paulus Experience) or the New Orleans Saints (who know Paulus from his get-together last year and as a favor to Marrone). 

This is simply my guess.  That the long, strange trip that Greg Paulus' athletic career has taken will continue for a little while longer.  Eventually he'll be a color commentator.  You'll find him on ESPN2 covering ACC basketball and Big East football.  Perhaps a Pam Ward/Greg Paulus dream team awaits us in the future.  Until then, he's focused on keeping his dreams of playing professional football alive.

"You dream of these things. To have this opportunity, I wanted to take advantage of it," the 23-year-old Paulus said as he prepared for today’s pro day before at least a dozen NFL teams at Syracuse University. "In the back of my mind this was definitely something I wanted. Hopefully, we’re going to get some positive feedback. I’ll do the best I can."

Do you think you understand passion? Do you think you even have passion?  Do you know what passion looks like?  Do you know what it taste like?  Could you point it out in a police line-up?  Maybe, maybe not.  But I can tell you this...Greg Paulus knows passion.  He knows what it is and he knows just how much of it he has.  And let me tell you something, brother, this guy's up to his gonads in passion:

"My passion is as passionate as ever."

BOOM.  Is yours?  I say...IS YOURS???

12 to 15 NFL teams are expected to have scout at Pro Day today.  A lot of them will be keeping an eye on Master Paulus, his mechanics, his arm-strength and his decision-making.  Oh, and his passion.  But, obviously, that's nothing he has to worry about.