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One More Year T-Shirt Winners

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Almost forgot about this one since I blocked the entire game from my memory.  We promised four t-shirts to those who could correctly guess how many points, rebounds and blocks Wes Johnson had against Butler and by God we will deliver those t-shirts.

Wes finished with 17 points, 9 rebounds and 1 block so the winning answer is 27.  Unfortunately for Wes and SU fans, most people went over.  A very small collection of folks were able to get in the ballpark, while two nailed it right on the head.  For the other two shirts, we had to go to the tie-breaker (overall SU score - 59).

NYCuse - 27 (77)

fantasybc88 - 27 (81)

OrangeDrink - 28 (71)

goober112  - 28 (73)

Congrats to the winners.  Please e-mail me with your name, address and shirt size (though sizes are limited). Thanks to Cuse Cutoffs for the shirts.