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Daily Links - Keep An Eye Out For Nicholas Trivelpiece

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Pediatric brain tumor patient inspires SU Basketball team - NewsChannel 9 WSYR
One of Syracuse University Basketball's biggest fans is also one of the bravest. He is Nicholas Trivelpiece, a six-year-old battling brain cancer.

ESPNU to re-broadcast Syracuse's win over Villanova |
ESPNU will be showing a re-broadcast the Syracuse-Villanova game at 2 p.m. today. It is the TMI (Too Much Information) game of the week, which is similar to VH1's pop-up video with facts about the game, schools and players. The game will air again at 2 a.m., so there's another chance to set the VCR or DVR.

Domination at the faceoff X continues for Syracuse lacrosse team |
The combination of senior Gavin Jenkinson and junior Jeremy Thompson at the faceoff X has provided the Syracuse lacrosse team with a huge advantage in possession so far this season. It has also sparked the Orange with some important goals.

SLAM ONLINE | " Syracuse Continues Its Magical Season
In between crucial victories over Providence and Villanova, I spoke one-on-one with Coach Boeheim on an appropriately snowy Syracuse day in late February, we talked about the ‘Cuse, the team, and his outlook on life.

Ohio State's Evan Turner takes commanding lead in college basketball player of year poll -
Wes Johnson remains in the hunt for POY.

SU # 1? Not Everyone Thinks So |
Now, I'll say this about Goodman. I don't agree with his reasons here, but for what it is worth, this is a guy who spends some serious time on his poll every week. He spends hours every Sunday researching his poll and exploring every angle before publishing it.

Syracuse University men's lacrosse stays No. 1 in both polls |
The Syracuse University men’s lacrosse team retained its No. 1 ranking in both major polls this week.

Statistically Speaking: Big East Recap: 2005-2009
Not surprisingly, Syracuse is the only Big East team to not have a winning record since 2005.

3/3/2010 Big East Bubble Watch : Sports : WSTM NBC3
The Big East Bubble picture is very, very fluid. Louisville is close to a lock but everything else is in constant flux. The real battle is between Marquette, UConn and Notre Dame. I think two of those three get bids - and the Big east Tournament could be the deciding factor.

Via CuseMyCampus, Brian and Zack go head-to-head to decide who can eat more chicken nuggets in a 15-minute period. Who will come out the winner, and who will throw it all away...and up?