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OrangeTube 3/3

My word, so many Cuse-related videos.  Let's dig in.

First up, congrats to the winner of Beat Nova Video Contest.  It's a Cuse hip-hop song and if there's anything we need right now, it's more Cuse hip-hop songs.

Cuseee - Dutchy Boy and D-Fresh feat. A.V.

If you haven't watched Harry Holds Court yet, about longtime SU usher Harry Tzivani and his bright orange jacket, you must.  It's required viewing:

It's a tie for this week's coveted Best Living Cuse Fan Award.  Co-Winner No. 1

Let's Go Orange, Let's Go!!!

And Co-Winner No. 2.

A time-lapse view of the SU-Nova game crowd. Thanks

More Cuse hip-hop. (Four score and seven years ago, Wes Johnson was coming up?  He's so old!)

Shutm Down..KD the COMIC remix