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The Trials And Tribulations Of The Talented Mr. Jones

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It's been a heady couple days for Mookie Jones since the Butler loss.  The young man ran the entire gamut of emotions and, as is always wise to do when a public figure, he tweeted them.

Thinking that I need to move on

@REDACTED thankyou for your support,I will think it thru,I love the cuse,but I juss don't think I'm loved back on this team,so we will see

Pray for me,I'm about to meet with the boss man

Lol,f*** leaving the cuse,ima juss go hard,harder then I was going,harder then they go,at the end of the day,I'm juss trying to get payed mo

According to Jameson Fleming, the yearly team & individual meetings were held today (hence Mookie's meeting with the boss man). Based on those meetings, Mookie has no plans to transfer.

Whew...that was a close one.  Come on, Mookie!  Cuse Nation loves you.  We kid because we love and if we got angry with the Butler loss it's because we know you guys' potential for greatness.  (Of course, if anyone directly tweeted Mookie or any of the players and told them they sucked, you may die now).  If you want us to serve as motivation for you, then we shall make that sacrifice.  We will be your Dark Knight.

Just one piece of advice, and it's merely that. Don't tweet'll only come back and bite you.

H/T: PJ & Nicholas