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So...Which Northeastern FCS School Wants To Play Us?

Back in January, I asked "Who Wants To Be Syracuse's 12th Opponent?" At the time, there was a list of 15 schools that still needed an opponent for the 2010 season. Naturally, with Maine already on the schedule, we figured it would just be a matter of time before one of them nuzzled up next to SU.

I went back and checked that same page today.  Guess how many teams are left that still need to fill an open spot on their 2010 football roster?  Just one...and it's us.


Nolan took notice today that the October 2nd slot on the football schedule still reads TBD.  The rumor about SU being forced to fill the open slot with a 2nd FCS opponent has been bouncing around for a while now.  SU's radio silence on the issue might confirm that (while they hope people keep buying season tickets until the bomb drops).  Or perhaps SU is in the backrooms wheeling and dealing, trying desperately to make something happen with a semi-quality opponent.

Yeah...we're gonna get two FCS teams on the schedule.

The greatest tragedy in all of this is that all of the grief we (read: I) gave Rutgers last year for doing this is coming back my way tenfold.  I can just feel it.