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Villanova, The Bad Part About Big East Lacrosse Is That You Have To Play Syracuse

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When Villanova visited Syracuse in basketball, the Orange set an attendance record with 34,616 fans inside the Dome.  When Villanova visited Syracuse in lacrosse, the Orange set a scoring record with 34,616 goals inside the Dome.  That may be embellishment, but had the game gone on a little while longer...who's to say?

In a sorely needed cruise-control win, Syracuse dominated Villanova 20-6 in a the first Big East battle between the two.  Villanova, there's a price to pay for joining the Big East Conference and this is it.

Freshman JoJo Marasco scored a career-high five points (one goal, four assists) to lead the Orange, mainly because as a rookie he got more playing time than his teammates. Most of the SU vets were gone by midway through the third quarter, as coach John Desko went to his bench early and often.

Jeremy Thompson and Stephen Keogh led the Orange in goals  with 3 apiece and Cody Jamieson added two.  SU led 10-4 by the half and never looked back.  SU took 47 shots to Villanova's 21, keeping the pressure on as long as they needed to...which wasn't very long at all.

In three games, the Orange have now outscored the Wildcats 60-20.

The Orange move to 6-1 (2-0) and now prepare for Albany (1-6) on Saturday.  (What the hell happened to Albany???)  After that game, the Orange jump right back into high alert with #5 Princeton and #6 Cornell looming.