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Hot Nunes Time Machine

I think a lot of Syracuse fans wish they could throw everyone in a giant Hot Tub Time Machine and go back in time 24 hours and replay the SU-Butler game with what we know now  But, we can't.  We don't have the technology.  But you know who did?  Troy Nunes.


Hey it's Troy! (and R.J. Anderson) livin' it up before the Bowl in sunny Scottsdale.  Jacuzzis and Mountain Dew as far as the eye can see, gentlemen.  This is part of's Sports Hot Tub Time Machine photo'll never guess why they just put that up.

Come to think of it...there was something about the Butler game that seemed strange.  Almost familiar.  My God...I think...I think...I think Troy Nunes coached Butler last night.


via Three Idiots on Sports

Damn you, Troy.  Why couldn't you have used your powers for good???