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Where We Watching - Sweet Sixteen Edition

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<a href="" target="new">Pat Manley & Big Head Boeheim</a> getting properly drizzed.
Pat Manley & Big Head Boeheim getting properly drizzed.

First of all, if you're planning on watching the SU-Butler game from the comfort of your own home, make sure CBS is actually going to broadcast the game in your area.  Despite the fact that the game will be played in the Western half of the US, none of us are actually allowed to watch it.

So like many, it's off to the local watering hole.  The usual list, along with some newbies, have been added below.  If you know of anything that still needs to be added, let me know.  And if you show up at one of these places to find it empty or, worse, full of Butler fans*, let me know as well.

*trick, everyone knows there's no such thing.

Albany, NY - Legends

Atlanta, GA - Hudson Grille (Perimeter Mall)

Baltimore, MD - Field House (Canton Neighborhood)

Boston, MA - Pour House

Boynton Beach, FL - Miller's Ale House

Brockport, NY - C & S Saloon

Buffalo, NY - Benchwarmers

Burbank, CA - Barney's Beanery

Camarillo, CA - Ric's Restaurant

Capetown, South Africa - Stones Long Street

Charlotte, NC - Dilworth Neighborhood Grille

Chicago, IL - Gamekeepers

Denver, CO - Blake Street Tavern

Hollywood, CA - Capitol City Sports

Indianapolis, IN - Majors Sports Cafe (Carmel)

Long Island, NY - The Main Event

Manhattan, NY (East Village) - Professor Thoms

Manhattan, NY (Upper East Side) - East End Bar and Grill

Manhattan, NY (Midtown) - The Blarney Rock

Manhattan, NY (Murray Hill) - The Hill

Miami, FL (Davie)  - Miller's Boca East Alehouse & Miller's Davie Alehouse

Newport Beach, CA - Sharkeez

Northern NJ - Miami Mike’s Sports Bar

Old Forge, NY - TOW Bar

Philadelphia, PA - Cavanaugh’s Rittenhouse 

Portland, OR - Macadam's Bar & Grill

Richmond, VA - Champps (Stony Point)

Rochester, NY - Anchor Bar

San Diego, CA - Players Sports Bar

San Francisco, CA - Kezar Sports Pub

Santa Monica, CA - The Parlor or Barney's Beanery

Sante Fe, NM - The Catamount

Seneca Falls, NY - Dewey's 3rd Ward Tavern (hang with Kenny!)

South Norwalk, CT - Archie Moore's

Venice, FL - Bogey's Sports Pub

Washington, D.C. - Sign of the Whale (official Alum spot)

Washington, D.C - Rhino Bar & Pumphouse

Washington, D.C. - The 18th Amendment (The Keyhole)

Washington, D.C. - The Pour House (Capitol Hill)