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Big League Chew

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Despite earlier reports, it doesn't like like the entire Syracuse team is transferring en masse to Hampton University after all.  So, since they're sticking around, I guess someone better step up and take their rightful place atop the pile.

With Mike Jones shuffled loose, Marrone needs a new wide receiver to latch all of his hopes and dreams on to.  All-Name Team captain Van Chew...your time is nigh.

"He did a great job this off season and put on about 12 or 15 pounds," Marrone said. "That was one of the things that happened last year – he wasn't physical enough to get off the line of scrimmage. Everyone knows he can run well and he can catch the ball well and now he's becoming a physical player against press coverage. Now, his speed is a legitimate threat because he can get off the ball. If you have great speed and you can't get off the ball, it's very difficult to be productive in any offense. He's really come on strong."

It's a shame The Sport Hump, Van's biggest fan, recently decided to hang'm up.  But we will carry Sir Chew high on their behalf.