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T-Shirt Winner Madness

Couple T-shirt contests I need to catch up on...

First, we had the 4th And Forever contest for the Vermont game. The contest was to guess how many points, rebounds and blocks Rick Jackson would have against the Catamounts. Rick put together a 12 pt, 8 reb, 4 block evening and the Orange scored 79 total. Seven folks correctly guessed 24 total but via the tie-breaker (total SU points), we have our two winners.

jd3uc3 24 (76 total)

Justin 'J' Roe 24 (81 total)

Congrats folks, just e-mail me which t-shirt you'd like (Oh My God! or The Orange Men), size and where to send it.

Next up, the Gonzaga contest brought to you by Holy Shirt! Five "I Bleed Orange" shirts were available to the folks who could correctly guess how many three-pointers SU would hit against the Zags. 12 was the correct answer and by filtering through the tie-breaker (total SU points), we have our five winners.

Boscoball 12 (87...perfect!)

orangeraller03 12 (89)

BringBackBobby 12 (84)

Shea Bone12 (84)

Moosh 12 (81)

Send me your size, color preference (orange or blue) and where to send the T's and they're yours.

Thanks to everyone for playing and we'll set something up for this week shortly...