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Spring Practice Day 1: E.J. Carter Back In, Mike Jones Out

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Here's Doug Marrone last week on Mike Jones, the speedster who was moved from running back to wide receiver heading into this season.

"I like him at receiver. I do," Marrone said. "He’s a guy who’s shown that he can make plays."


Mike Jones is an interesting kid. He was a running back initially, he returned kicks for us and through some injury situations he wound up moving to the receiver position and really did well. He's someone who can make plays with the ball in his hands.

Sounds like a fantastic plan for the young man.  A chance to shine.  A way to get minutes quickly and play now rather than later.  Jones will exemplify 2010's theme..."Multiple Versatility." Of course, someone probably should have checked with young Master Jones first to see if he was cool with it...

Junior wide receiver Mike Jones is not at practice and is no longer a member of the team, according to SU Assistant Director of Athletics for Communications Sue Edson.

Okay!  Now I don't know if his move from RB-to-WR is the real reason he up and quit, but...I'm gonna go out on a limb and say it is.  Real shame.  Jones was a solid athlete that, as Marrone was predicting, could help the team in a few different areas with his speed and ball-control.  Alas...

Two bits of good news on the day, though.  One...welcome back E.J. Carter!  Last year's longest-tenured starting WLB was off the depth chart as recently as last week but all of a sudden he's back on the team. 

E.J. Carter, a sophomore outside linebacker who wasn't listed on the team's spring depth chart released last week, took the field with the rest of the Orange when the team began preparing for the 2010 season.

Last week, head coach Doug Marrone said Carter would not be involved in spring practice. As is his policy regarding players, the coach would not specify what the reasons were.

Hey, let's not complain.  With the amount of guys who quit around here, we'll take anyone back no questions asked.

The other piece of good news?

At spring practice they have shamarko! Returning punts

#SHAMARKO!!!!  Now that's some serious multiple versatility there.