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"Multiple Versatile" Is The New "Tremendous Standpoint"

Doug Marrone likes words.  Specifically, he likes certain ones.  No one will argue that he holds "tremendous" and "standpoint" in the highest of regards.  However with the new season comes changes.  And among those changes are a few new words that Doug would like to add to the lexicon.

The head coach begins his second spring practice Monday afternoon with holes to fill, an offense to install and coordinate, and four new assistants to get used to. Two words Marrone uttered frequently in a pre-camp interview last week are "multiple" and "versatile."

Looking at Doug's interview with ESPN's Brian Bennett (Part I here and Part II here), Doug doesn't break them out too often but he let's folks know what's on his mind.

Speaking of coaches, you took over as offensive coordinator this offseason. What will a Doug Marrone-run offense look like?

DM: Obviously, offensively, it's multiple.

Doug, the noun version of "multiple" means "a number that may be divided by another number with no remainder."  I do not think that means what you think it means.

Expect to hear a lot more about multiples and versatility when the recap from spring practice's first day come out  (including news that E.J. Carter is in fact back?)  In the meantime, see was Nolan Weidner has to say about Doug's looking for this spring.

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