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OrangeTube 3/22

The latest Cuse-related videos on the Interwebs. 

First up, The Glaude lost a bet with Casual Hoya when SU lost to G'town in the BET.  Being a man of his word, he pays up.  And throws up (Seriously, not for the faint of heart).

Cuse players take the court for practice.  Rick!  Pull your pants up!

I guess we should vote for Greg Stanley as Mr. Syracuse Freshman. It's hard to argue with the facts presented.

For the first time in school history Syracuse owns a 4 game winning streak over Johns Hopkins thanks to a 10-7 win at Homewood (via

Full Cuse vs. Hopkins highlights:

Shut It Down is so 2009.  We Are Orange is the new anthem.

Here's why I like Dru Diamond.  He shares the stage with his cats.  And he called them the Gonzaga Zips.

Gonzaga fans...not pleased.