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Daily Links - Tom Keegan Explains Himself

What Keegan says: You're right, I am biased when it comes to Syracuse |
Tom Keegan, who voted Syracuse No. 3 in this week's AP Poll, explains himself.

Last time around: After a combined decade at SU, Rautins, Onuaku reach final home game - Sports
For a while, though, there was reason to believe Tuesday night wouldn't really matter. There was always a point where Rautins and Onuaku were overlooked. As freshmen, they came in to a team packed with upperclassmen that was known for its leadership at the top from current graduate assistant McNamara.

Orange::44: St. John's Blog Talk
Orange44 exchanges questions with Pico Dulce of The East Coast Bias and Johnny Jungle to preview the SU-St.John's game.

On The Orange Horizon: Trevor Cooney Gives Orange a Top Backcourt In '11 Class | Bleacher Report
Cooney and Michael-Williams should make up what might become the quintessential Jim Boeheim backcourt. Both are big guards, with Cooney standing at around 6'3", and Carter-Williams being reported at around 6'5", with room to grow.

Big Ten officials told: Just say yes to expansion -
The five analyzed were Missouri, Notre Dame, Pittsburgh, Syracuse and Rutgers. The source, though, called those five "the obvious suspects" and cautioned that other universities could earn consideration.

Three Idiots on Sports: The Syracuse Swoon
Throughout most of the past decade, the one consistent issue that reappears year after year for Syracuse basketball is the rough patch the team seems to hit every February. Sometimes the bad stretch starts in late January, but generally you can pencil in losses that come in bunches for the Orange during conference play.

looks good, feels good - Cuse Country
Soak it in people, soak it in!

Syracuse lacrosse team kept firing away and eventually found the range against red-hot Army goalie |
Army goalie Tom Palesky called it "a dream come true." For the Syracuse lacrosse team, it was more like a nightmare. "Unreal," Palesky said after making an unbelievable 21 saves in the Cadets' 12-7 setback to top-ranked SU on Sunday in the Carrier Dome.

Orange::44: Villanova - Syracuse Postgame Reactions OR We Are #1
This was the biggest game between the best teams in the best conference in front of the biggest crowd on campus in NCAA history. Nothing much right? College Basketball - Power rankings: Boeheim, like team, is No. 1
Syracuse's Wesley Johnson maintained his position as the No. 2 small forward in the nation. Andy Rautins re-entered the shooting guard rankings, Arinze Onuaku moved back into the center rankings and Rick Jackson joined the power forward rankings for the first time.

Mike's Mailbag: How does the NCAA Tounament committee deal with coach's absence |
To my knowledge, the only job that Hopkins has ever turned down was the St. Bonaventure job several years ago. It’s up to debate as to whether he was ever actually offered the job, but he definitely interviewed for it and then removed his name from consideration.

Florida's Donovan Knew Syracuse Was This Good -- NCAABB FanHouse
Give Billy Donovan credit. The Florida coach was way ahead of the curve about how good Syracuse was going to be this year.

What's LeMoyne up to, anyway? - Beyond the Arc -
It’s probably no coincidence that LeMoyne won more conference games this year than it any of the previous six seasons. I’m guessing there was a little confidence boost.

For Sale: One (1) Georgetown Degree (Slightly Used) " Hoya Suxa
What does it take to earn a degree from Georgetown University? Only about $59,250.

In case you missed it, Jared cost SU $16,500 dollars on Saturday.  Way to go, Jared.  When we have to cut another sports program, I'm gonna be looking for you.