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Andy Rautins' Hair: A Retrospective

Why do you think fans have been so preoccupied with your hair? I don’t know. The attention last year was definitely warranted with that haircut. Looking back on it, I don’t know if I made the best (hair) decision. But coming back with a fairly regular haircut this year, I still feel like I get a little bit too much attention for the hair.

That's Andy Rautins during his exit interview for Syracuse Basketball.  And he's right.  Andy's hair does get a little bit too much attention.  But such is Andy's hair.  Would you tell the sun not to shine in the sky above?  Of course not, just like you wouldn't tell Andy Rautins' coif to do the amazing things it does atop that precious Canadian skull. 

Let's take a look back through the years at what mattered most about Andy during his time at SU...his 'do.

We got off to an auspicious start...


The magic began when Andy let loose up top and stayed short on the sides...


And then it happened...


And once it started, it couldn't be stopped...


It even expanded to parts of the head we didn't know were possible...


Like all good things, it changed.  Some say for better, some for worse...


Finally, it settled into what we know now is The Perfect Rautins Cut, perfected by science for it's symmetry and proportional balance.


But regardless of whether or not it's a crew-cut, faux-hawk or some crazy hybrid therein, Andy Rautins will keep on keepin' on.


Andy Rautins on his Syracuse basketball career