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Fare Thee Well, Donnie. Hello There, Nolan.

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As the 2010 football season slowly begins to take shape, there's going to be a lot of changes.  We know about the changes on the field and in the locker rom but there's going to be one very glaring change in the way SU football is covered as well.

As many on the forums have known for a while, Donnie Webb has hung up the SU Football Beat cleats after 20+ years on the job.  I talked to Donnie on e-mail a couple weeks ago and he mentioned he was going to take some time off and spend it with his family.  He'll still be writing for the Post-Standard and in the future so expect to keep seeing him but surely an era is over for SU Football.

Say what you will of Donnie, I know for me...I couldn't have done this site without his hard work (same goes for Mike Waters, Donna Ditota, the D.O. folks and all the other journos out there covering SU). Donnie was actually the first person at to reach out to me and feature the site (article now MIA), which I always appreciated. We had our issues at times (notably The Lloyd Carr Situation) but cooler heads always prevailed.  Same team...right?

Many of you probably read Donnie's work much longer than I did and might have even met him once or twice. I've read a lot of kinds words for him and his work and I think most SU fans would agree.  Good game, Donnie.  Good game.

So if Donnie's gone...who's here?  Meet Nolan Weidner:

Centered on Syracuse: Meet our new Orange football reporter

Nolan is a 21-year Post-Standard writer who's covered auto-racing, soccer and just about every sport out there...and now football.  He's already starting work on the upcoming season and he'll dive in head-first on Monday when spring practice begins.  Welcome to the suck, Nolan.