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NCAA Tournament Friday Early Game Thread

Alright, so, what did we learn yesterday?

1.  The Big East....yiiiiiikes.  Notre Dame loses, Marquette loses, Georgetown gets hammered and Villanova escapes with the help of the refs against a 15-seed.  Things could be going slightly smoother for the conference.

2.  It's on those "those" years where seeds don't matter and every game is winnable for every team, or so it seems.  Oh.

3. The pressure is slightly on for SU, Louisville and West Virginia to step it up. 2 Da Streetz.

Full schedule today with the Orange bringing up the rear.  Action kicks off in Buffalo at 12:25 with Xavier-Minnesota, followed by Pitt-Oakland.  Then there's a brief hiatus before Gonzaga and Florida State get down to it. know what.

If you want to watch the games on your computer while commenting, you can launch the March Madness Player here. Or you can keep an eye on the fancy widget below: