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Arinze Out, DaShonte In

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"In the event of a loss of cabin pressure, a mask like this will fall from the panel above, pull it to your face  and by doing so the oxygen supply will be activated. Secure your mask before helping others with theirs."

The worst-kept secret in the tournament was finally made official today.  Arinze Onuaku will not play against Vermont and he is doubtful to play on Sunday (all assumptions implied).  It's also not hard to read between the lines and see that there is a distinct possibility Onuaku won't even play at all in the NCAA Tournament.

"He has made some good progress each day," Pike said. "He’s just not ready to play yet."

Pike said a number of factors will determine when or if Onuaku will return to the basketball court for the NCAA Tournament.

"We’re looking at his function, we’re looking at his comfort level," Pike said. "He has to be safe for him to play."

Pike said the immediacy of the NCAA Tournament has not applied pressure to hasten Onuaku’s healing. SU will not rush Onuaku back to action, Pike said, if it means that the SU center might endanger himself physically.

All signs point to the fact that, even if Arinze was able to suit up next week or even the week after, he still would only be 50-75% of the player he's been all year.  Not good for SU if they hope to reach the Final Four and compete with the likes of Kansas, Kentucky and others.  You may now continue fretting.

Just remember, as tough as this is on you, its ten times worse for the big fella:

"This is what you work for every year – the NCAA Tournament. It’s just bad timing for me right now," he said."The hardest thing is this is my senior year, this is my team. To not be on the floor with them is tough. I’m here regardless. I’ve been talking to the players all the time. That’s what I gotta keep doing if I’m on the bench or if I’m on the floor. They gotta be able to see me and hear me out there."

So..DaShonte staying loose?  Hope so, my friend, cause one way or another you're getting some minutes over the next few days.  Keep that energy high!

DaShonte Riley might see game time

One extremely good sign.  At the 1:34 mark, everyone is room is shocked by something on TV (the Murray State finish?) and reacts.  DaShonte doesn't even flinch.  Kid's got focus!