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Daily Links - Jim Boeheim Does Not Underachieve

OrangeHoops: 2010 NCAA
Jim Boeheim has a 4.4% underachiever status, which means that 4.4% of the time, his team underachieves in the tournament. That is pretty much insignificant. Over a 35 year coaching career, that would mean you underachieved once.

History is on SU's side: 1 vs. 16 usually lopsided : Sports : WSTM NBC3
100-0. That's the career record for No. 1 seeds against 16th seeds since the field expanded to 64 teams in 1985.

Jeremy Lundblad: A 1-65 look at the NCAA tournament - ESPN
Over the last 45 years, only four teams have won the title after being unranked in the preseason AP poll. Texas Western did it in 1966, then Villanova in '85, Syracuse in '03 and Florida in '06. The most obvious candidate this year is once again Syracuse, which earned a 1-seed despite being unranked to start the season.

East Coast Bias? Perhaps So, But Maybe It's Deserved | Bleacher Report
If that’s bias, then there’s really no winning for the national media, because it would simply be defined as disagreeing with you as an individual and they just can’t appease everyone. It’s a term that gets thrown around way too much these days, because few people can concede that they might be wrong and anyone who suggests that they are has some sort of ulterior motive.

Syracuse University Athletics - Galloway Featured On ESPNU Podcast
Syracuse goalie John Galloway was a guest on this week's ESPNU lacrosse podcast hosted by Quint Kessenich. Galloway discussed the season so far and previewed this weekend's matchup with No. 7 Johns Hopkins.

The :60 - John Jastremski on the NCAA Tournament | LockerBlogger
Syracuse's WAER Radio host John Jastremski tells LockerBlogger reporter Roman Lillie why he thinks #1 seed Kansas has their hands full, how Syracuse will fare in their bracket and who he thinks will upset their way into The Final Four during the NCAA Tournament.

Facebook | Papa John's Pizza
During the entire NCAA Tournament, Syracuse fans can enter Coach Boeheim’s unique promo code – BOEHEIM – to receive an extra-large, two-topping pizza for $12 online at, with $1 benefitting the two cancer charities.

SU AD Daryl Gross talks Orange hoops : Sports : WSTM NBC3
"I said you played football in high school right? I said remember the rule in football is if you can walk you can play, and he said absolutely, so I think he's gonna surprise some people."

NCAA tournament: Best case/worst case scenarios for 64 teams - ESPN
Best Case: Arinze Onuaku is the picture of good health and paint strength. Wes Johnson is back to jumping over and driving around everyone. Andy Rautins is making shots (and his hair is perfect). The 2-3 zone is in Shut It Down mode. The ball is passed with verve and aplomb. And Jim Boeheim cracks a perceptible smile as he trims the Final Four nets for the second time in his career on the night of April 5.

Warrick: Winning NCAA title best memory - Bulls Blog - ESPN Chicago
Winning a national championship is the top moment. That’s as high an accomplishment as you can get -- a championship at any level. Whether it be playing as a little kid, college, or the NBA. There’s not too many people who get a chance to win a national championship. You just got to realize that you’re a part of history. A part of a special club.

YouTube - Campus Connection: Syracuse LAX Advice
Syracuse senior, Scott Grodsky finds out what advice the 2-time defending lacrosse champions can give the men's hoops team.

Syracuse lacrosse team faces road night games three days apart |
The Syracuse University men’s lacrosse team will play under the Homewood Field lights for the first time ever when it travels to Johns Hopkins for an 8 p.m. game Saturday.

Kenny Haas talks SU-Vermont and makes his predictions for the NCAA Tournament.

Ladies, you wanted it, you got it...Arinze in nothing but a swimsuit.  You're welcome.