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Your Syracuse-Vermont Lazy Announcer Bingo Card


Alright, enough of this nonsense.  We're the No. 1 seed, let's start acting like it.

I don't want to read articles written by Syracuse alums giving me every reason that Vermont is going to beat us (in 2004, apparently).  And I certainly don't want to see our beat writer, the guy who knows this team better than anyone, lacking the faith that SU can reach the Final Four.

Sometimes I feel like Heidi Klum is the only person who really knows me.  You know? guys wouldn't understand.

Look, we're not going to lose to Vermont.  2005 was 2005.  We're going to win and we're going to win much easier than everyone thinks (Not that I still don't want to crush their souls, but, you know...).  All this doom and gloom business needs to stop.  No offense to the big man, but we can beat a mid-major without AO.

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