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Daily Links - Why SU Will Be Cutting Down Nets

onegreatseason - One Great Season - Why Syracuse Will Win The NCAA Championship
Syracuse has the talent to win it all. It has the system to win it all. It has the coach to win it all. And it has the opportunity to win it all. Now the Orange just have to go do it.

SU's road to the Final Four could be bumpy : Sports : WSTM NBC3
The road won't be easy, it never is. But the Orange have the tools, the experience and the players to win this region. Depending on how Onuaku's injury plays out will have a significant impact on how it goes and which opponent the Orange will want to see most.

Five Reasons SU Will Make the Final Four - Cuse Country
With the tournament starting in under 48 hours (play-in game notwithstanding) it’s time to put aside the doubts, slap on some orange facepaint and look at the reasons SU will be dancing all the way to Indianapolis.

Slide Show: College Basketball's 20 Most Valuable Teams - 8. Syracuse Orange -
Despite having the highest attendance figures year-in and year-out and winning a ton, SU only the 8th most valuable team? Give me a break.

SU: The 4th-most profitable March Madness team | Daily Orange Sports Blog
According to a new list put out by CNBC, Syracuse is the fourth-most profitable basketball team in all of March Madness right now.

The Associated Press: Obama fills out tournament bracket again for ESPN
President Obama doesn't think SU will make it to the Final Four. That's it, I'm going Republican.

Syracuse-Vermont rematch highlights West
"That was the year before I came in. I hadn't committed yet, but everyone in Syracuse was miserable after that loss," Syracuse senior guard Andy Rautins said. "It's definitely going to be a little bit of a payback game for us. We're not taking anybody lightly -- we're going to come out and have a great week of practice, get good preparation in and be well prepared for this game."

Squeezing the Juice: An Exclusive One-on-One with ESPN Anchor and SU Graduate Anish Shroff | Otto's Army
Shroff touched on everything from his career path to Syracuse’s chances in the upcoming NCAA tournament to the end of the "Dark Ages" for the Orange football program.

A chance for revenge against Vermont : Sports : WSTM NBC3
While it's very unlikely the Catamounts will be able to duplicate the accomplishments of the '05 team, Vermont head coach, Mike Lonergan, thinks that win could end up hurting his team in 2010. Lonergan says his friends have already sent him links to message boards where Syracuse fans have been writing how much they want to beat Vermont.

The West Region and Syracuse's Chances | LockerBlogger
While there are some solid teams, Cuse is clearly the most talented team in the region. With that being said a lot depends on the health of Arinze Onuaku. As a Syracuse fan my biggest fear is certainly the Pitt Panthers, due to the inability of the Orange to beat Jamie Dixon's team.

The Picks: West Region - D1SCOURSE
When playing well, the Orange will be maybe the nastiest out in the tournament. Dealing with that zone will not be a pleasant task.

Salt City Cagers
Any basketball fan in Syracuse will tell you they bleed ORANGE. Did you know that Syracuse has a history of professional teams that played in a 70-year span?

Bobby Gonzalez forced out at Seton Hall | - Seton Hall Sports -
Hours after his first postseason game at Seton Hall ended in defeat and embarrassment, Bobby Gonzalez's tenure at the school is over. Gonzalez, the Pirates' fourth-year head coach, was forced out by Seton Hall today, according to two people with knowledge of the decision-making process.

CitrusTV's Jake Reiner investigates what will happen to all of the shirts declaring "We Are Number One".