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Syracuse A Favorite Of Reality TV Show Judges Everywhere

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Obviously when you think of 5'9" supermodel Heidi Klum, you think of Central New York.  I mean, you should be.  She's thinking about you.

Syracuse! I think Orange is the hot color right now and I love Otto, their mascot.

That's Heidi's response to the question "Who are you picking to win the NCAA Tournament?" as posed by  And Heidi isn't the only star of a reality TV judging competition that thinks the Orange have what it takes to go all the way (or least be in fashion).  American Idol judge Kara DioGuardi is picking the Orange to win as well.  But what does Seacrest think?

Weird Fact About Heidi Klum: Though now married to Seal, her first husband's name is Ric Pipino...which sounds a helluva lot you-know-who.

Mark Cuban is also throwing his support behind SU while Howie Long sees the Orange making it to the Finals and losing to...Villanova?

Actively rooting against the Orange...Howard Stern producer Gary Dell'Abate, who is picking Gonzaga.  Considering half his interns must come from Syracuse, it's a bold choice, Ba Ba Booey.

H/T: agendtdp009